IC Design Data Workflow Audit Technology
Yotta has two types of design workflow auditors. The first is a suite of command line point tools. On an as-needed basis, they can be manually invoked at key interchange points throughout the design flow.

The second is a single cloud-based solution, It reports the developing state of all of the data within the design workflow including all cross-format cell dependencies. 

Here, we'll introduce our point solutions which have the same ability to report changes at all levels of design hierarchy to the leaf cell layer level.

There are several workflow interchanges where there is significant opportunity to lose track of what is in a design even with the latest PLM, configuration and data management systems.

    . . .   PDK releases to Fabless/System OEMs/3rd Party IP Suppliers
    . . .   Standard cell library development and releases to 3rd party IP supplier design                 project teams
    . . .   Standard cell library releases to Fabless/System OEM/IDM design project                 teams that include internally developed IP and IP developed and released                 by 3rd parties
    . . .   Structured Net List, Floor Plan and standard cell library releases to                 layout integration/Tapeout

​Yotta's technology has solutions for each of theses interchanges.

    . . .   IP Library Release Auditor
    . . .   IP Library Release Reporter
    . . .   Tapeout Auditor

​Yotta's  Smart Signature Point Tools can address all of the cell views in various interchange formats (SPICE, Liberty, LEF, GDSII, Verilog, VHDL, DEF, OASIS).

​As well, Yotta has a smart-signature-inspired fast-XOR layout equivalence checking tool. It is faster than an XOR by 100X. It does not discard data nor does it flatten the data. It reports differences cell-by-cell. It can be used as new GDSII and OASIS EDA readers and writers are qualified for production.

​The remaining Smart Signature design workflow audit tools check for IP ownership, warranty issues, licensing and IP royalty payment needs. They require more enterprise information to be useful such as the owners of IP, which IP can be modified without authorization, etc.

    . . .   IP Identity Manager
    . . .   IP Ownership Manager
    . . .   Hard IP Royalty Auditor
    . . .   IP Warranty Auditor

Once a customer has installed the first three point tools, it'll be relatively easy to add parameters to the database that check of warranty and ownership matters. 

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Yotta's Design Workflow Auditing Capability spans the semiconductor factory to design workflow from SDK releases through their acceptance and use by 3rd Party IP suppliers and Fabless/IDM/System OEM design houses.
In-place Optimization
Layout Integration
Block-level Design
Logic Design/Synthesis
System-level Design
Library Release Reporter
Library Development
Master Siganture Database
System OEM
3rd Party IP
Process Development
PLM / Configuration / Data Managment
SPICE / Liberty / LEF / GDSII / OASIS / Verilog / VHDL / DEF / Warranty / Licensing / Ownership / Identity
Key Cell View Integrity Signature Generation and Audit Points
PDK Release
Signature Generation
smart-XOR layout equivalence checking
Hard IP Royalty Audit
Cell View Dependencies

   . . . SPICE models, Design Rules, Circuit             Extraction Parameters 
Library Development
   . . .   SPICE, Liberty, LEF, GDSII, OASIS
Logic Design / Synthesis
   . . .   Verilog, VHDL, Liberty
Floor Planning
   . . .   Verilog, VHDL, DEF
Layout Integration
   . . .   Liberty, LEF, GDSII, OASIS, DEF
   . . .   GDSII, OASIS
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Workflow Auditor Point Tools
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