Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Layout Integration and Tapeout Auditor
Yotta's Tapeout Auditor peers into a tapeout candidate GDSII and/or OASIS file. It uses Yotta's Smart Signature technology. The technology peers into the tapeout candidate. It indexes what is there as shown above (which is just one cell view). There can be tens of thousands of unique cell views (hundreds of millions of lines of data) having tens to hundreds of layers per cell. The expression of the data can be written in an infinite number of ways. Especially for OASIS. Its full index is a canonical expression of all conceivable ways to write OASIS and GDSII. Yotta's Auditor Artificial Intelligence ('AI') is able to detect these differences (even cross format differences) and re-express them as one common expression.

The technology compares what it finds against Yotta's Smart Signature Master Database. The signatures in the Master Database had been generated similarly by peering into the company's Product Lifecycle Management, Configuration and data management systems and, then, indexing and cross-referencing what it had found. The granularity of the indexes are to the leaf cell level. The data within this system remains unmodified and not diverted. The index Yotta creates resides and is maintained on its own.

The technology reports which version of its library cell views are in use and reports whether any of the views are have been updated recently, have been deprecated, are corrupt, or are copies of cells having different names or are modified compiled blocks of IP. In other words, Yotta's tapeout audit reports whether the candidate is ready for release to production.

​This level of auditing capability today cannot be done. To be able to check, literally, billions of OASIS cell views in a tapeout candidate against multiple versions of the company's standard cell library is unprecedented. Yotta has the capacity today. In a matter of minutes, a design team will know whether its design is ready.

If so, then there'll be nothing to do except ready the bill of materials and send the file to the factory for manufacturing. If not, Yotta's Tapeout Auditor will have reported what is different that should not be. It could be that one or more of the OASIS/GDSII cell views had been included inadvertently. It could be that a cell had been renamed thus likely missing a critical update. Nonetheless, Yotta's Auditor will report the state of the cell views in this file as they relate to their source, the company's standard cell library.

There is more. Along with the standard cell library views for GDSII/OASIS, are LEF and Liberty cell views. All need to have come from the same version of a standard cell library. Furthermore, they'll need to match the Liberty cell views that had been used in Logic Design/Synthesis. Today, there isn't a technology that can determine any of this. This is a recurring problem that need to be resolved in a way that is comprehensive across all cell views and their use. Yotta has a solution that it will be added in the near future.

A design team wishes to release its tapeout candidate to the factory in a state correctness that is free of human and machine error. Yotta's Tapeout Auditor can solve this problem.

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Cell View Dependencies

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"... The Company's technology plays a substantial role helping us isolate and fix problems before they become silicon issues ..."

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Cell Body layer geometry
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Smart Signatures
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