SEMI P39 OASIS File Validator
Yotta's SEMI P39 OASIS Validator is part of our Compliance Center. The Validator is a high-throughput, multithreaded OASIS compliance analysis tool that systematically analyzes an OASIS file and reports a wide range of compliance and optimality problems. It detects and reports all syntax and semantic violations in the file, wherever possible continuing past fatal errors. Reporting is concise and controllable for maximum flexibility.

The OASIS Validator reports:

  • fatal errors
  • dangerous usage
  • warnings
  • optimality issues

The ability to report all problems in one pass greatly streamlines the analysis process. Other OASIS readers will simply quit after the first error. If the file has more than one error, these readers will require multiple repair/test cycles to fix all of the problems. With the Yotta OASIS Validator, all errors can be fixed immediately.

The OASIS Validator can be used for:

  • OASIS reader/writer code development, test, and qualification
  • OASIS Quality Assurance by design teams prior to release to the factory
  • OASIS Quality Assurance by IP vendors prior to release to customers
  • Incoming Quality Control of OASIS files by foundries and mask shops
  • Software acceptance testing for all users of EDA physical design and layout software

Even today, there are non-compliant OASIS readers and writers in the field. Designs have to wait for fixes before going into production. Ideally, the files would be fixed, but sometimes the OASIS readers are patched instead, hurting software reliability and introducing variants into what is supposed to be an industry standard.

Yotta's OASIS Validator uses a fully tested, unbiased reference OASIS reader implementation that is not tied to any EDA vendor. Customers who use it avoid future problems by proactively finding and reporting OASIS compliance issues early, before they cause more damage.

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"The Company's technology established a common expectation amongst suppliers and customers regarding matters of OASIS compliance, performance and interoperability" 

Naoya Hayashi
Electronic Device Laboratory
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd
typedef struct _oasisReaderPath {
     oasisUInt layer,dataType,halfWidth;
     oasisInt startExt,endExt;
     rawPointList *ptList;
     oasisPropertyList *propList;
} oasisReaderPath;
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March 20, 2022- Yotta is offering, to qualified partners, a six-month evaluation-period, with support, for its SEMI P39-0416 OASIS Reader/Writer Source Code.

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