SEMI P39 OASIS Utilities
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Yotta's SEMI P39 OASIS utilities define the cutting edge of OASIS technology. Whether your needs are in OASIS code development or production verification activities, our technology takes the User to the fastest and most comprehensive solution possible.

GDSII to OASIS- The translator offers full support for version 6.0 of the Cadence “Design Data Translators Reference” GDSII specification with Y2K extensions, as well as common extensions such as extra layer numbers and data types, extra BOUNDARY and PATH point counts, and AREF lattice rotation. 

OASIS to GDSII- By default the GDSII file that is written follows a strict interpretation of the GDSII standard.  In particular, by default only 64 layers, data types, and text types are supported so that a version 5 compliant GDSII reader can read the file.  The number of layers, data types, and text types can be increased to 256 with a command line parameter if the GDSII reader is known to support version 6 GDSII files.

OASIS to Text and Text to OASIS- These utilities allow can print OASIS files in an easy-to-understand format and to create OASIS files using that same format.  Both work on a record-by-record basis, so that even semantically invalid OASIS files can be studied.  An arbitrary byte sequence capability allows the creation of syntactically invalid OASIS files for test purposes.


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"The Company's technology established a common expectation amongst suppliers and customers regarding matters of OASIS compliance, performance and interoperability" 

Naoya Hayashi
Electronic Device Laboratory
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typedef struct _oasisRepetition {
     oasisRepetitionType type;
     oasisUInt size1,size2;
     oasisUInt grid;
     int numVals;
     oasisUInt *spacings;
     oasisDelta **displacements;
} oasisRepetition;
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